It’s all about achieving a balance between indoors and outdoors.

When people think Montana, they think outdoors. Indoors? Not so much.

They think wild. Rugged. Untamed.

Free-spirited souls conquering mountains, trekking through forests, or braving river rapids.

Throw in a healthy dose of horseback riding, and you’ve got the makings of Montana spirit.

But that’s not all we’re about.

That same free spirit lends itself to art and culture in equal measure.

And while Montana may be Big Sky Country, sometimes you just need a roof over your head.

Or a roof with a lightbox, at least. Can’t get rid of all the Big Sky, right?

Montana is outdoor paradise, but there are just too many awesome things that can be found indoors.

Craft breweriesIncredible museumsBoutique hotels. Music venues (hey there…).

So when you’re done testing your mettle against Mother Nature’s grandeur, head in for a brew, a tour, a stay, or a show.

That’s the full Montana experience.