Our grand opening is just around the corner. It feels closer in time now.

Maybe it’s the changing season, or maybe it’s our brand new website (with tickets on sale, we might add).

Whatever it may be, it’s reason to get excited.

The Rialto has a long history in Bozeman. 109 years, to be exact.

Some of those years as a post office. Most as a theater.

Recently? Not much.

But that’s all changing this January.

And despite this being a new Rialto with new digs, new ideas, and new features, we still feel ties to the history.

Re-fabricating the sign. Keeping the name.

A lot will change, but not everything. And we don’t think it should anyway.

New body. Same soul.

Although that’s what Bozeman’s like too.

It’s not the same pokey cowtown it was how-ever-many years ago, but you can still tell that it used to be.

Sheet metal and concrete in contrast with red bricks next door.

Comfy urban with raw wilderness a long stare away.

New body. Same soul.

Just like our community.

Because at the end of the day, that’s who we feel tied to most of all.