If you see 2017 anywhere, let us know, because we’re not sure where it went.

Now, suddenly, we find ourselves at the grand opening.

All the effort, all the manpower, and all the long hours are leading up to this moment.

The moment when we can finally start giving back to the community that has supported us so much.

Bozeman is a special place. Yeah, yeah, who doesn’t say that?

But it is. You know that.

You could list 100 reasons why it is. Each one of those reasons wouldn’t add up to that “it just is” reason, though.

If you live here, work here, or even just visit here, you know that it just is.

If we had to single out a reason, it could very well be that Bozeman is passionate about damn near everything.

And that passion lends itself to quality.

When you’re in town, you know you’re getting a real experience.

Nothing manufactured, just true cultural experiences. Made and offered by people who live here, who work here, and who know how important is to offer something real.

When we first began this project of bringing this old theater back to life, those were the watchwords we used to guide us from day 1 to now.

And while it may seem to the passive observer like just a space on Main Street, it’s so much more when you count the experiences of people who have seen an act here, or who have yet to see one here.

There’s something very humbling about making and offering a place that you know is going to be home to great memories for people.

It’s enough to make you smile to yourself.

Enough to look up at that bright red neon sign out front and think, “hell yeah. This is what it’s all about.”

We’ve put a lot of work into making this place what we know it can be.

We’ve tapped into that passion that makes this quirky cowtown so incredible.

And now, at this grand opening, the best happiness we can hope to achieve is to have those great memories be made day after day at 10 West Main Street.

Welcome, and enjoy the show.