There is no shortage of entertainment in Bozeman.

We’ve got great restaurants, bars, art galleries, and of course all of the outdoor activities you could imagine. Plus, it’s a pretty beautiful little town.

The view from the Burn Box at the Rialto captures all the excitement and energy of Downtown Bozeman with the magnificent Bridger mountains off in the distance.

It’s the perfect spot to meet with friends for a cold beer or a glass of wine.

Not only do we offer some tasty beverages, but we’ve got some pretty rad entertainment for you to enjoy while you take in the view.

We’ve got a variety of programming including our Burn Box Comedy Series, which has become one of the most popular Burn Box events.

Enjoy some of Bozeman’s most talented comedians in an open mic setting, and if you’re feeling up to it grab the mic and tell some jokes of your own!

Who doesn’t love a good night of sing-a-longs with your best pals?

Two nights a month KJ Saltlick and The Baby bust out all of your favorite jams for a killer karaoke party.

The Burn Box is a great spot to kick back and enjoy a variety of tunes.

On select nights we’ll have DJs playing a variety of music from tons of different genres.

You might just hear your new favorite record!

Bozeman has a huge community of artists and we’re stoked to have a space that allows us to showcase their work.

What started with the Art Walks throughout the summer will continue during the fall and winter months.

We will have a few guest artists showing their work in the Burn Box for you to enjoy.

The Burn Box at the Rialto is the perfect spot to enjoy everything Bozeman has to offer.

Whether it’s the view, the company, or the entertainment, it’s all right here waiting for you.