Hey all. We wanted to update you on our progress, and to offer up our most sincere thanks.

We’ll save the better one for last.

Although construction’s been moving along fast and furious, we’ve been careful to take time out to enjoy the ride.

It’s been a great test of whether or not you can get sick of the smell of fresh plywood.

Pardon our dust.

Not yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

While we hammer and saw away at this little slice of downtown Bozeman, it’s easy to start picturing what it will be like soon.

Think of your favorite place. A restaurant. A park. Your room. A multi-purpose, centrally-located performing arts and meeting venue (sorry, we had to).

Spaces have meaning. There’s a reason we call it your happy place.

Without getting too granular (and trust us, you can), specific places have very real positive emotional value.

Our hope is that we can become that place for Bozemanites.

That refuge where you can get away from it all while life is throwing stuff your way.

Where you can kick back and let art enrich you.

Or wine enrich you, as it were.

It’s fun to think about that kind of thing as stuff¬†(literally) gets nailed down.

But now, on to the important part, which is us saying thanks to you.

All you awesome people out there in Bozeman and beyond. Those who are giving us props, liking our pages, signing up for our emails, and just offering support in general.

It’s been amazing to see people hyped for what comes next.

So thank you, all of you. We intend to pay back your enthusiasm in kind and then some.

See you soon.