sound mixing board


Theater Specs

Stage Dimensions
22’ wide x 22’ deep
Proscenium opening is 17’ 3” wide

Vertical Stage Clearance
11’ 10” to proscenium
15’ to ceiling

On Stage Power: 4 – 20-amp circuits
* The Rialto requires use of our sound and lighting system. Any exceptions must be approved during the advancing process.

Access to Rialto stage via motorized lift in alley behind venue.


The Rialto’s Black Box theater and sound system were designed by world renowned acoustic engineers at Charles M. Salter Associates. The theater features six NEXO GEO MS10 elements per side, four LS18’s under the downstage lip, and two NEXO ID24i’s for front fill. This system provides a full, matched sound spectrum throughout the entire venue.

Main Speaker System
12 - NEXO GEO MS10 Line Array (6 per side)
4 - NEXO LS18 Subs
2 - NEXO ID24i Front Fill

FOH Console
DiGiCo SD9-48
Distance to stage: 36’
Dimensions: 6’ wide x 5’ deep shared with lighting control
* If own FOH console must be brought in, it will be set up in front of the mixing booth.

6 - EAW MW12 Bi-Amped
2 - EAW VFM129i Bi-Amped (standalone or stacked on SB250 for drum mix or side fills)
2 - EAW SB250ZP

Monitor Console
DiGiCo SD9 at FOH, iPad control stage left
Rent-able upon request (fees may apply): X32, M32, DiGiCo S21, DiGiCo SD12, Avid Venue Profile FOH Rack, Yamaha CL5, Midas Pro2C

3 - Nexo NXAMP for FOH arrays, subs and fills
6 - QSC PLD Amps for wedges

4 - Shure QLXD24 Wireless Mics
4 - Countryman E6 Wireless Headset Mics
6 - Shure SM58
4 - Shure SM57
1 - Shure SM7B
1 - Shure KSM9
4 - Sennheiser e609
2 - Beyerdynamic M88
1 - Sennheiser e602
4 - Sennheiser e604
2 - Sennheiser e614
1 - Audix D6
1 - Shure Beta 91A
2 - MiKTeX C5
4 - DPA 4099
2 - Neumann KM185 (room recording)
2 - Shure SM58S (talkback)

4 - Radial JDI
1 - Radial JDIStereo
1 - Radial J33
1 - Radial ProAV2


The Rialto's lighting rig is a state-of-the-art all LED system. ETC front spot and back wash fixtures offer high lumen output with full color mixing capabilities. A generous amount of Elation and Chauvet moving head fixtures offer the flexibility to achieve a large array of effects.  Multiple FOH hang positions allow the lighting to focus not only on the stage, but though out the entire venue to provide an immersive experience for the audience. Lighting control is through an 8 DMX universe ETC Gio@5, and an in-house pixel mapping rig offers further effect options.  Pixel mapping and projection mapping are controlled by an Arkaos Stage Media Server.  Haze is provided by a CITC Aqua Max MP Organic Hazer.

ETC Gio @5

10 - Source 4 LED
15 - Color Source Par
7 - Fuze Wash Z120
10 - ZCL 360i
5 - Cuepix Blinder 2cell
3 - Artiste DaVinci
2 - Sniper Pro
2 - Rogue R1 FX-B
4 - E Spot 111
9 - Freedom Par Quad4
20 - Chauvet Epix Strip

View Lighting Plot (exact fixture locations may vary)


The Rialto's Black Box theater is equipped with a full 5.1 surround-sound cinema system.

Right and Left Speakers
NEXO GEO MS10 Elements

Center Channel

2 - NEXO ID24 (mezzanine rear)
2 - NEXO ID24 (floor rear)

Main Cinema Projector
NEC Model NC1000C D-Cinema Projector
Dual Metal Halide Lamps

Media Server
DOLBY IMS2000 Integrated Media Server

Audio Conversion
DOLBY CP750 Digital Cinema Audio Processor

16' wide x 9' tall
Da-Lite Tensioned Large Cosmopolitan Electrol

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